Lorraine Gilroy

"Dynamic forms combining the sculptural with a functional emphasis"

My wheelthrown sculptural pots feature hand built organic sections, for stronger, more dynamic forms combining the sculptural with a functional emphasis. This language of form is expressed in families of stoneware or porcelain works influenced by a whole range of factors, not least visits to the coast, exploring natural phenomena in wood, stone and water.
My frostproof garden pots use thrown, coiled and collared sections to produce strong, dynamic stoneware forms for outdoor or indoor use. New garden forms feature wall hanging planter cones and vessels, to be used on outside walls, trellis or other vertical surfaces.

I am a member of the Westcountry Potters Association, Midlands Potters Association and an Associate Member of Flameworks.
I have written about potters and ceramicists in the UK, Hungary and Japan for many years. My work is exhibited at local galleries, shows and online and is in collections in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan. I accept commissions

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