Sonya Wilkins

"Observing the transitioning beauty of leaves and trees never ceases to inspire my collections"

I am a qualified Potter and Reiki Master, which allows me to create in clay using powerful healing intention.

We all know that art is good for the Soul, but I take this a step further. I harness nature’s beauty by using real leaves in every piece. Furthermore, I inject universal life force energy into the clay as I work, following frequencies such as the Fibonacci code.

I especially love the dance between control and freedom while throwing; listening to how the clay wants to move, while creating a pleasing form – a fluent conversation. I work in mixed clays, firing to stoneware temperatures.

I exhibit my ceramics at shows and galleries nationally. My tableware has been aired on BBC2 and ITV and I teach online pottery courses and healing courses to students world wide.


For further information and to purchase my work online, please visit my website.

Studio opening

If you would like to commission me or find out more about a particular piece of work, please send me a message using email

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Mendip Croft

Celtic Way


North Somerset

BS24 0NA

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