Alison HannahAlison Hannah Clayworks

"Ceramics inspired by the beauty of Devon landscapes"

Studio Ceramicist, Devon

I am a ceramic artist working from my studio space in Totnes with views of Totnes Castle, the spires of St John and St Mary and the Tors of Dartmoor in the distance.

“Poettery”: Plein-Air Paint, Poetry and Pots

I create works that feature colour and sketches that capture the landscape of the Devon coastline and Dartmoor scenery.  I capture what I see in watercolour making waterslide transfers of the artwork to fire onto the clay after the glaze firing producing pots that are unique and one-of-a-kind.  The combination of my own original artwork with the unique shaping of the clay presents individual and distinct ceramics that are pleasing to hold and interesting to look at.  Look closely and you may see extracts from my own original poetry on some. View samples of my work on my website

Purity of Porcelain

Delicate and refined porcelain pots work well to accentuate the colours and detail of my illustrations.  The purity of the clay lends itself well to presenting colour and contrast in the finished piece.  For those cosy days ahead in the Autumn and Winter months, I am making hand-thrown and hand-poured candles and other back-lit porcelain objects.  The detail and colours of my Devon watercolours are enlivened by the lighting of the natural flame and extracts from verses of my poetry adds an interesting element of intrigue.

Of Dartmoor’s Labour

Granite ring sounds skylarks’ song.  Sweet.
Feathered form scars Tor-side cleave.
From bracken line ‘long Templar Way,
Paved cotton-grass leads stonechats say.

Stoneware for Strength

For pots that might face wear and tear, I throw, coil and slab-build in white stoneware and occasionally a warm crank.    For the indoor garden, I have created textured slab-built cube-pots to manage my windowsill herb-garden and have explored the use of rope and leather which works well with clay presenting a contrast of texture and colour to the pot.

In my “verb” collection I use my technical skills to create laser-cut shapes and stencils to my work.  Each piece has a verb embossed on the clay prior to bisque firing – the verb should reflect the use of the pot e.g. “drizzle” your honey on your toast or focus on the  “glow” of the candle flame in order to calm your “monkey” mind.

Mindful Learning:  From Consumer to Producer

With over 25 years of teaching experience, my practice is heavily influenced by the process and practice of self-management, creative and purposeful thinking characterised by resourcefulness and spontaneity.  An instinctive passion for self-development and first-hand knowledge of the benefit of working collaboratively has driven forward my skills and context in the studio.  Visitors to the studio will engage in the creative processes in order to reveal the intricacies of the production process with the aim to appreciate the care, quality and detail of the stimulation of learning new haptic skills and mindfulness involved in the making process.  Visitors can book a Clay Experience online:Clay Fun in Devon Experience.

Current Memberships
Devon Artist Network
South Hams Arts Forum
West Country Potters Association (Website Officer)
Craft Potters Association
Salcombe Art Club
A-N Artists Information Company


Exhibitions and Fairs (current and upcoming):
Dartington Hall Trust
Studio 9 Popup Totnes
Birdwood House
Devon Open Studios 2021 (Bursary Winner)
The Craft Festival, Bovey Tracey, 2021 (WPA Exhibition Stand)
Contemporary Passions, HarbourHouse, Kingsbridge 2022

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