Anne Smith

"Aim for a contemporary design"

My lifelong interest in natural landscapes and a career as a professional biologist have a tremendous influence on my ceramics. Setting up my own studio enables me to immerse myself in making hand built and wheelthrown pieces. I use different stoneware clays, selected for their contrasting qualities, rich textures and varied colours, firing everything in an electric kiln. I aim for a contemporary design in my bowls, vases, mugs and plates and often use multiple layers of interacting glazes, which can create dramatic effects. In making hand built vessels and platters I explore and add texture and contrasts by using impressions, or carving and cutting the clay, and create abstract designs using slips, underglazes and glazes painted on, but often leave parts unglazed, as naked clay. I sell my work in Open Studio events, by commissions, and in occasional craft fairs.

Open Studio

My studio is open for visits by arrangement; if you wish to visit please send an email or ring me on 07530 117217.

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