Sally Mareike

"Ceramics that bring nature into people's lives"

Having lived in Zimbabwe, Hong Kong and the UK, and travelled the world when she was young, Sally developed a love of the beauty and diversity of our natural world, which is reflected in her work. She brings nature into people’s homes, inspiring them to go for walks and discover what’s around them in woods, by rivers, on the coast and on the moorland around Dartmoor, where she now lives and works. Sally is a passionate environmentalist and would like her work to act as a little reminder of how precious wildlife is, including all weeds!

Sally hand-builds functional pieces in stoneware and earthenware, using slab and coiling techniques. Her favourite decorative technique is impressing natural objects into clay and highlighting them with oxides or even leaving them bare, so that you can run your fingers over the textures, for direct contact with the fired clay. Much of her work is partly glazed for this reason

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