Pearl Taylor

"I love to facilitate art to people"

I enjoy exploring the characteristics of different clays and experimenting with surface decoration techniques. I mix my own slips and apply at leather hard stages. Underglazes are sometimes added and on porcelain an extra firing is used to set the marks.

I enjoy the mindful process of quietly adding surface textures and altering shapes using pleating and dimpling techniques which highlight the glaze movements. Currently I am experimenting with subtle ash glazes from the farm.

Recent exhibitions – hand built clay work used for my Master’s degree and new thrown porcelain work illustrating pain responses at Marches Makers Gallery in Kington July/August 2022 and altered thrown pots illustrating riverbed distress at Canwood Gallery August – September 11 2022 as part of River Action UK raising the profiles of our rivers. As part of H.Art (Open Studios Herefordshire) 2023

I love to facilitate art to people who need respite and time out so aim to provide one to one taster sessions for hand building and wheel throwing. I am continually enthusiastic about learning new techniques and improving my own skills and love being part of ceramic communities.

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