Kate Reeves

"capturing special moments lets my creativity develop and flow"

I obtained my degree in Ceramics in 2006 but only 2 years ago felt it was the right time to venture into the amazing creative world of ceramics again.

My work is unconventional, one off, bespoke, and fun pottery. It’s quirky yet created with passion and quite diverse. I love to throw on the wheel, making canvases to sketch and paint on.

Having moved to the city centre of Exeter, suddenly there were many more people, a buzzing, lively town. I took to sketching and this in turn developed into my ‘figurepot’ range for example. I have my fun pots range with teenage slang, and the pope meeting the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani  in Iraq.  This was the result of me making a piece to commemorate it.

I work mainly in stoneware to make predominately tableware. I also offer to personalize work for my customers offering to sketch their ideas onto the newly formed blank canvas.

I am intrigued by the raw materials making glazes so I almost always make my own glazes.

I work from  reeveskceramics Workshop and teach ‘Introduction to Clay’ for both small groups and 1:1s, evening classes and daytime. Please contact me to book or for more information.




Visitors are welcome, either drop in or by appointment, with pre-booked seasonal workshops to aid exploration of the versatility of the clay and other materials.

46 Batholomew Street West

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