"Hand produced, not mass produced."

Welcome to the world of Habulous Ceramics, where craftsmanship meets creativity! We are a small team whoe take pride in handcrafting pottery pieces right here in Devon. We’re not just about ceramics; we’re about infusing happiness and fabulousness into every piece we create. Habulous Ceramics’ approach revolves around the unique charm of small batch production, ensuring that each item is meticulously handmade. We’re driven by an unwavering commitment to ethics and sustainability, crafting our ceramics with love and care to align with our planet-friendly values.Our ceramics are more than just beautiful objects; they are thoughtfully designed and produced to stand the test of time. When you choose Habulous Ceramics, you’re not only supporting a conscious lifestyle, you’re supporting a small, British business who utilise traditional methods. Our ceramics are made from British clay, and as part of our dedication to sustainability, we prioritise eco-conscious practices at every stage of production.Why ‘Habulous’? Well, the name was made up by Nicky’s daughter, combining “Happy and Fabulous”, which in turn sums up how working with the craft makes our team feel.The Habulous studio is situated in the beautiful and contrasting county of Devon, on Dartmoor National Park, a source of constant inspiration for Nicky and her team. Habulous’ small team all share a passion for clay and making by hand, which is what makes every item we create so special.

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