Jennie Phillips

"Wood-firing, with its warm unpredictable influence remains an enriching extra"

I have been potting in Queen Camel (with Douglas Phillips) since the early ’80s making functional wood-fired stoneware, though I was originally making earthenware in Dorset. I hold regular classes at the pottery and am continually surprised by the size of my catchment area which stretches from West Cornwall to the Mendips in the north, Shaftsbury in the east and Weymouth is the south. The experience we offer in a purpose built workshop, digging our own clay and wood-firing combined as it is in a relaxed atmosphere, has been appreciated for over a decade by keen students and people just seeking a break from busy lives.
Most of my work is sold from our shop at the pottery. I also decorate a large part of Douglas’ production. My interest remains very much with usable pots and my decoration is derived largely from plant life and natural patterns. The wood-firing, with its warm unpredictable influence remains an enriching extra, well worth the added work.


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