Des Tucker

"I like to see my work used on a daily basis"

After 30 years in construction it was time to try something different. I joined a pottery evening class at Strode College and loved it from the outset. Four years later I realise it’s an enormous topic and a steep learning curve. Every potter I meet to seems to have been at it for 40 years and always says that they are still learning.

Most of my work is thrown on the wheel & is either in terracotta or stoneware. Currently I am experimenting with some black clay (very messy). I generally fire stoneware at 1250C in an electric kiln and I have recently have been reduction firing in a gas kiln. I enjoy making large pieces and much admire the works of Svend Bayer, Nic Collins & Lisa Hammond.

I view myself more as craftsman than an artist. I like to see my work used on a daily basis and I envy skill and the simple designs of the traditional country potter whose work was part of everyday life for the whole community.

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