Kate Lyons-Miller

"Trying to let the character of the clay be a major part of the piece"

Ceramics fulfills my interest in three dimensional design. The qualities of clay, the age of it, the heft and physicality; the connections between clay, and the geology of the landscape all fascinate me. I like to use clays and minerals from my region, foraging on Dartmoor, and in estuaries and foreshores for clay and stone, and also in adding other materials to my work. I love the vessel, the universality of the form intrigues me, especially the liminal area between functionality and not. My current work is dynamic; I’m trying to let the character of the clay be a major part of the piece, not to interfere with it too much, yet to create a form which speaks to people.

Although I prefer to work at a fairly large scale, my vessels can also be viewed as close as you like, the surfaces I create with ceramics are as important as the form.
I am aiming for authenticity, letting the materials speak for themselves.

As well as making and teaching I’m studying part-time for an MA in Ceramics at Bath Spa University.


Currently making and teaching, both in my studio and at PCA Young Arts.

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