Helen McCormick

"hand-built ceramic vessels strongly influenced by the coast and movement of the ocean."

I am a Welsh ceramicist and art teacher living in Cullompton, Devon. My hand-built ceramic vessels are strongly influenced by the coast and movement of the ocean. Each vessel is an exploration into the plasticity of the clay and the relationship between the maker and material. Beginning with a simple pinch pot, I build each piece over a few days so there is time to reflect on my work whilst the clay dries and before adding the next coil. I then turn back each form by hand with a metal kidney, carving excess clay away, and using a mirror to help me achieve symmetry. I use a grogged stoneware clay, which I high bisque fire before applying very thin glaze. The surface is achieved by firstly applying a porcelain base slip before bisque firing, and then layering glaze via pouring, dipping and brushing onto the vessel. The form is designed to accentuate the flux of blue colour, creating a sense of movement, which reflects the richness of the ocean.BiographyI studied a BA in 3D Design, Designer Maker at University of Plymouth (Exeter Campus) 1996-1999 and a MA in Ceramics at UWIC, Cardiff in 2003-2004. Having a passion to share my knowledge and skills, I completed a PGCE in Art and Design in 2005-2006. I have taught managed Art and Design in schools for 16 years in the Wales, England, Ghana, Thailand and Hungary. Lockdown was a turning point in my career and I am now taking a leap of faith and focusing on sharing my skills via local community workshops and developing my studio practice; in my new life as an independent educator and studio ceramicist



I offer children and adult pottery workshops at Walronds in Cullumpton and St Annes @ The Plough Arts Centre. Please look at my website for further details.

You can keep also up to date with further details and new workshops by following me on Instagram or Facebook

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