Elizabeth Badger

"Experimenting with decorative possibilities"

It is, I find, always exciting working with clay. It has such an entrancing tactile quality and I am never entirely sure, even as I plan, how much I am actually involved in the finished article. I feel in a way that the clay itself is as much involved in determining the shape and, along with the glaze materials and even the kiln, the final outcome.
Both throwing and hand building are methods I use to develop a variety of shapes. I enjoy experimenting with decorative possibilities and use slips and glaze stains to express my love of colour. Mostly I make domestic ware, but also ornamental items for house or garden. Generally each piece is individual, though they may be individual within a set or group. This summer I am exploring possible gardenware shapes inspired by a love of natural beach finds.

At the moment I am using a lightly grogged stoneware or a crank which I fire to between 1200° C and 1250° C in an electric kiln. It is always a pleasure to help someone new to clay to form a pot and to share their delight in the process.

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