Claire Davey-PottsDaisy Potts Ceramics

"Dogs do speak, but to only those that listen "

I am currently working on a series of sculptures using my two dogs as inspiration. Their ever changing expressions and postures fascinate me.

These hand built stoneware sculptures illustrate a range of glazes and firing. Some pieces are shino glazed, then wood and soda fired. Woodfiring is a fascinating, time consuming process that can take several days. The results are completely dependent on factors outside my control such as position in the kiln, proximity to the soda spray and the heat of the kiln. I have been lucky enough to have been involved in several woodfiring sessions now and would thoroughly recommend it if you have a chance. The impact of the soda and the heat of the wood kiln creates interesting surface patterns that add depth.Other pieces in this collection use a grogged stoneware with oxides and matt colours to highlight various texture’s of the dogs coats. They are fired at home in my electric kiln.

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