Kat Jenkins

"Inspired and tranquil creativity"

Kat Jenkins attended evening class pottery at the Farnham art College in 1981 with a Greek teacher who taught at degree level, called Katrina Evangeligou.
After some classes she would go home in tears feeling that her skill as a potter would never be good as Katrina would advise throwing many efforts away and trying again! She learned to throw on a Leach kick wheel, and with crank clay (ask Katrina why).
She now enjoys running her own business called Kat’s Stoneware, with the ability to make a wide variety of all manner of pots, from mugs, teapots, plates and bowls to birdbaths and small sculptures.
Kat has her own studio in the garden of her home, overlooking hills and woods, inspiring her to inspired and tranquil creativity.

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