Bindy Saywood

"Architectural and industrial landscape and the human connection with it"

I have always been interested in sculptural form. I grew up on a studio pottery in coastal west Wales, which gave me a good grounding in working with clay. My love for ceramics was rekindled when I joined a potters’ collective and a contemporary art hub, taking part in social firings, exhibitions and Open Studios. I joined WPA in 2015.
I work with raku, stoneware, often black, clay and porcelain, picking out areas with slips, onglaze and clear glaze.
Each piece is hand built and unique. Most are solid, grounded structures with an almost architectural quality and often an assemblage of parts. They relate back to the natural, architectural and industrial landscape and the human connection with it. Each piece has a way out, through and beyond, represented by holes, ladders, windows and doorways, and also often a place of safety and sanctuary. In 2018 I joined the WPA committee and took on the role of Magazine Editor.

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