Mark Sweetland

"I am constantly fascinated by the endless variations possible in shaping a lump of raw clay into an interesting item that is of use, decorative and often beautiful"

Mark’s stoneware pots balance clean contemporary lines with the minimum of glazing necessary to enable functional use. He has developed a palette of glazes which both contrast and compliment the tactile surfaces of the bare clay.

Working from his studio in Taunton, Mark draws his inspiration from many sources, including the natural and built environments – rich textures, structural forms and bold colours. Most work is wheel thrown and functional in design. He feels it is important that his pots should be enjoyed and handled to appreciate their unique handmade qualities and features. Connecting users with the handmade is a key aspect of his work – as he feels strongly that all our lives are enhanced and enriched by close contact with items which are truly “made” rather than being “manufactured”.

Like most potters, Mark’s constant fascination is with the many possible variations in shaping a lump of raw clay into a usable item that is useful, tactile and often beautiful. After making pots sporadically for over 30 years, he set up his current studio in 2017. He is currently experimenting with making larger pieces which convey an enclosed space through a combined presence of form and scale.

All work is fired to around 1230 degrees Celcius ensuring the pieces are fully vitrified and the lead free glazes are matured. Mark will be pleased to discuss any orders or commissions.

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