Alice GareWelcombe Pottery

"Abstract patterns and fresh vibrant colours"

Drawing on rural and coastal surroundings as inspiration for my work in ceramics and glass, botanical references, abstract patterns and fresh vibrant colours are recurring themes throughout my work.

Standing outside my studio in the morning I can often hear the sea. I work from an old blacksmiths workshop on the North Devon/Cornwall border. Surrounded by open skies and tall hedgerows full of bird life and wild flowers.

I use a smooth Earthenware clay body, layering coloured slips over paper stencils. Pressing found objects into the clay ( such as plants and shells), and using sgraffito and text to add more surface texture and decoration. I work on a domestic scale, mainly making clocks, plates and dishes, familiar objects that are designed to be used everyday, as well as ‘one off ‘ celebratory pieces.

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