Laura Grainger

"influenced by political activism, social injustices, and climate change."

Laura Grainger is a ceramic artist who incorporates their experiences of working in the NHS into their works which are heavily influenced by political activism, social injustices, and climate change. They are a self-confessed ‘craftivist’ and have earned the nick name of the ‘Poli-tea-cal mug maker’ due to their slogan adorned mugs and anti-establishment themes. They create anarchic artworks which encourage difficult conversations and inspire communication and explore narratives of those with power and those without. Intersectional feminism has been a recurring subject within recent works. They are a current student in the School of the Damned 22/23 and a member of Bristol Clay Collective. Her latest collection celebrates alternative firing techniques including raku, saggar and barrel fired works & many works take influence from her trips to Japan.

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