Jane BoothJane Booth Ceramics

"inspired by vintage ceramics, favourite classic literature"

My passion is to make beautiful unique pieces that can be used every day – mugs, jugs, plates and bowls. I make unique, hand thrown and hand decorated earthenware and stoneware ceramics.

I started pottery as a hobby about 18 years ago. I kind of went at it backwards! I had a budget to buy some new tableware but couldn’t find anything I liked that much. So I decided to buy some blanks and paint my own designs, using my favourite pastel shades.

After a while I decided I wanted to learn how to make the actual pieces. I started taking pottery classes and soon found that I had discovered my favourite craft. Eventually I learnt to throw on the wheel (practice, practice and then a lot more practice).

After a few years I started to sell some pieces through a local gallery; at the same time as I was lucky enough to get a picture of my bowls in ‘Country Living’ magazine and things gradually took off from there.

I sell in a few galleries around the UK and online, through Etsy. My pottery business is now my full-time job.

My work is inspired by vintage ceramics, favourite classic literature, including books from my childhood and anything involving beautiful pastel colours. I mostly use soft, clear ice cream colours.

I work from my home studio in Bristol UK. My work has a nostalgic, pretty, vintage style but is made in modern practical shapes; is suitable for everyday use and is dishwasher safe.

My pieces are thrown on the wheel, using terracotta earthenware clay, white earthenware and sometimes stoneware flecked clay.
After ‘biscuit’ firing pieces are glazed with different coloured, food-safe glazes which I make myself.
They then have their second firing.

Most pieces have ceramic transfers, which are applied on top of the glaze and the piece has it’s third and final firing.

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