Victoria Hendzel-WalkerVJH Ceramics

"Quirky rustic Sculptural and functional"

Vicky discovered her love for ceramics whilst developing several sculptural pieces, playing with natural elements that clay offers, inspired by the patterns, colours and textures that occur throughout the seasons of the year, as nature goes through its cycles.

Own creative ideas, using local sourced materials, such as the local clays, wood-ash and fragments of stained glass to develop her inspired ideas within sculptural and functional pieces.

First studied Studio Pottery, Harrogate, then Foundation Degree, Swansea.

Set-up own studio and worked part time with galleries and potteries, helping with different events, such as Potters Festival in Aberystwyth.

Work with different community groups, locally, establishing several pottery workshops, cultural, generational and different abilities. June 2006 become a fully qualified Teacher.

Exploring the local environment with her dog on lots of long walks, cultivate several sculptural and create mix-media pieces, with the aim to exhibit and promote different creative workshops.

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