Renée Kilburn

"I can be as spontaneous in the making as I feel."

My stoneware pieces are sculptural and frost proof so they can be displayed in your home or garden. I have developed a glazing technique which gives the normally natural stoneware surface a sense of movement, with a brilliantly clear and flowing colourful glaze. In 1994-97 I studied Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martin’s College in London, where I had the opportunity to meet and work with Ceramic Artist Kate Malone and my view of ceramics changed. Coming from Sweden with a minimal expression of colour and design, Kate Malone opened my eyes to a world of wonderful ceramic creations. Colour, shape, size, imagination, playfulness etc. I model with ES40 hand building Clay. It gives me the freedom of working with the coiling, slab and sprig techniques without fear of cracking and warping. I can be as spontaneous in the making as I feel.

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