Rachel Smith

“inspired by the 1970s, rooted in the every day”

Inspired by 1970s tableware and studio pottery I attended Glasgow School of Art to gain a BA in ceramic design as a mature student in 2008. I then travelled overseas to Hong Kong and Beijing where I continued making and selling my work. Having returned to the UK I began working as a self-employed potter exhibiting in shows and galleries and relocating from London to Devon in 2020.

I make wheel thrown earthenware domestic scale, functional vessels. The leather hard clay surface is illustrated using sgraffito, hand cut stencils and mono-printed oxide on porcelain slip. Work is fired with a range of unleaded glazes and finished with collaged and drawn decals. The animals of Dartmoor and patterns from my collection of vintage ceramics are ever present and evolving motifs in my work. I try to communicate my passion for vintage pottery by creating new handmade vessels for every day life.

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