Paul Stubbs

"Themes at the moment circle around extruding and throwing"

Materials equipment and processes fascinate me. Themes at the moment circle around extruding and throwing. I’ve been involved with clay either as a teacher, pot maker, kiln and equipment designer and builder since 1965.
Extruding I have pursued for some 20 years now; items range from small items cut and modelled from columns of clay, penguins, elephants, seals to tiles and architectural shapes to larger assembled slab forms, dishes or multi sided planters. See Diana Pancioli and Daryl Baird books on extruding.
Thrown functional pots for the oven and table using strong white West Country ball and fire clays. I have returned in part to using clays and minerals for slips and glazes prepared in my own jaw crusher and plate mill.
All the work gets fired in a gas fired rolling hood kiln of my own design and have also built my deairing pug, wheel and extruder.
A member of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen.

Visitors by appointment.


Work is sold through the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen and a small number of galleries.

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