Mary Cutchee

"Modern traditional pottery made from Devon clay."

Based in Totnes, Devon, I throw pots on my old “Leach” pottery kick-wheel, as well as by hand using pinch, coil and slab methods.  I use ‘wild’ Devon clay that I source and prepare myself: the red clay comes from Totnes and Dartington and the white/buff clay comes from Newton Abbot.

Recently I’ve returned to a long-standing interest in traditional Devon Slipware. When the pot is semi-dry I apply contrasting coloured liquid clay slip to the surface. I then slip trail or sgraffito traditional motifs of animals, birds, lettering and patterns. I use a an iron-rich honey-coloured glazeto create shades from golden amber to dark chocolate brown. Slipware is traditionally fired at low temps (earthenware) but to accommodate modern lifestyles I fire my pots to higher temps (stoneware), making them ovenproof, dishwasher and microwave safe. I intend for my pottery to be functional and hope that it brings pleasure to those who use it.

I received a BA from St Martin’s School of Art, London in 1980 and since then I’ve been a full-time potter supplying pottery to galleries and fairs, and have taught pottery in schools, colleges and my own studios in Ireland, Canada and now the UK.

I am happy to undertake commissions and can be contacted at



My work is available for purchase from my Etsy shop “MaryDigsClay

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