Claire Murray

"The complexities of human communication"

I am a figurative ceramicist. My work is currently based around the complexities of human communication. I have worked with clay since my early 20’s both as a student and during my career as a teacher. I now devote my time fully to the development of my own work and was selected to become a Professional member of the Craft Potters Association (CPA) in 2002.

Also I am a member of the North Devon Arts and the Westcountry Potters Association. All pieces are individually hand modelled and built using a mixture of slab, coiling and ‘pinching’ techniques, with mainly Scarva smooth textured clay. The work is finished and coloured with a mixture of metal oxides, UG colours and shiny transparent glazes. Decals are also used.

Work is fired in an electric kiln- bisque temperature to 1080°C . Glazes and a range of coloured finishes are fired between a range of 1000°C to 1060°C .Decals are fired to 800°C.

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