Alison Freshney

"Botanically inspired ceramics"

My starting point and inspiration comes from the plant world, particularly that of the Tamar Valley and Dartmoor. I have long been fascinated by the different plant forms of this special area; their structures, patterns, textures and colours. My work is fairly eclectic in nature; bowls, relief tiles, small scale leaf sculptures, vases and jewellery, but all have a common botanical thread.
I use porcelain and a variety of stonewares, firing in an electric kiln. Using a limited range of glazes, in combination with oxides, underglazes and lustres, I like to explore different effects.
Having been a member of Drawn to the Valley for the last six years, I exhibit regularly with the group and take part in the annual Open Studios. I’ve also exhibited with Wildwood Arts and the Doddi Arts Show. My work is available from Gallery 4/4, Callington. I occasionally do arts and crafts shows which I advertise on social media.

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